30w 200w DUXERIT Street lux
  • 30w 200w DUXERIT Street lux30w 200w DUXERIT Street lux

30w 200w DUXERIT Street lux

Qualitas Lupum 30w 200w LED Street Light. Niyue® est 30w 200w DUCTUS Vicus Lux fabrica et elit in Sinis.

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Lupum 30w 200w LED Street Lux in Sinis facta. Niyue® est 30w 200w DUCTUS Vicus Lux fabrica et elit in Sinis.

Product Features

1. The light fixture adopts die-cast aluminum to improve the heat dissipation efficiency, the appearance design is beautiful and exquisite, with small and thin volume;
2. Utere summa vi vitreo temperato, levis transmissio usque ad 95% esse potest, altum lumen output, altum CRI, multi coloris temperamentum, ad varias necessitates illuminandas;
3. Maximum lumen output, visio alta, temperatus multicolor, ad varias necessitates illuminationis occurrendas
4. Viridis et environmentalis, longae vitae, impetus resistentiae, impetus fortis resistentiae, IP classis IP65 est, non-fogging, non-condensatio, et effectus levis accendendi.

Morbi laoreet

Model TG30IC-Ⅳ TG50IC-Ⅳ TG100IC-Ⅳ TG150IC-Ⅳ TG200IC-Ⅳ
Potentia(w) 30 50 100 150 200
Input voltage 190-240/50/60Hz 190-240/50/60Hz 190-240/50/60Hz 190-240/50/60Hz 190-240/50/60Hz
DUXERIT ChipType 2835 2835 2835 2835 2835
Light Efficiency 90-100Lm/w* 90-100Lm/w* 90-100Lm/w* 90-100Lm/w* 90-100Lm/w*
CCT 2700-6000K 2700-6000K 2700-6000K 2700-6000K 2700-6000K
CRI >70&80 >70&80 >70&80 >70&80 >70&80
PF ≥0.9 ≥0.9 ≥0.9 ≥0.9 ≥0.9
IEC Classis Ⅰ Classis Ⅰ Classis Ⅰ Classis Ⅰ Classis Ⅰ
Size: L*W*H(mm) 16.4*3.4*13.1 20.8*3.8*15.7 27.3*4*22.1 33.9*4.2* 24.3 38.3*4.3*29.3
IP Classis IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
opus TEMP -40℃~﹢50℃ -40℃~﹢50℃ -40℃~﹢50℃ -40℃~﹢50℃ -40℃~﹢50℃
vita 30000H 30000H 30000H 30000H 30000H

Puncta notare

1.Please uti rectam potestatem copia
2. Usus voltage range certum excedere non potest
3.Please legunt productum institutionem manual diligenter ante usura

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