Upgrade Solaris lux
  • Upgrade Solaris luxUpgrade Solaris lux

Upgrade Solaris lux

Niyue® est Upgrade Solaris levis fabrica et elit in China. Multos annos experientiae habemus productionem lucis solaris Upgrade.

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Lupum Newest Hot Sale Upgrade Lux solaris in Sinis facta. Niyue® est Upgrade Solaris lux fabrica et elit in Sinis.

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Potestas 100W 200W 300W 400W 500W
Lucerna Size 160*210*54.5mm 190*250*54.5mm 230*295*54.5mm 250*330*54.5mm 280* 370* 54.5mm
Solaris panel mole 270*180*17mm 235* 350* 17mm 350*350*17mm 520* 350* 17mm 580* 350* 17mm
Solaris panel 6V 6W 6V 12W 6V 15W 6V 20W 6V 29W
Bead 573054PCS 573090PCS 5730   135PCS 5730198PCS 5730252PCS
capacitas 5000mAh 10000mAh 15000mAh 20000mAh 25000mAh
Pcs/Ctn 10pcs/ctn 8pcs/ctn 6pcs/ctn 6pcs/ctn 4pcs/ctn
Lobortis size 40.5*41*30cm 49.5*42*33cm 43.5*38.5*38cm 55.5*37.5*38cm 60.5*26*40cm
G ·W 19KG 14.5KG 21.5KG 21KG 21KG



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